Monday, August 23, 2010

Louisiana Update

I have realized how I am failing miserably at keeping this blog updated. There are times I forget I have it and other times I wonder why even bother because nobody looks at it. But then I have to remember nobody likes to look at the same thing for months on end. So it is about time that I get my act together and start posting to keep it interesting right?!!

So we have been in LA for about 6 weeks now and really trying to get settled. We bought a new home and trying to organize it has taken up most of my time. (well that and swimming at the neighbors! thanks to the Coopers.) I can't wait til it cools down and I can start doing some landscaping to this barren yard. Greg was here for 2 weeks then he left for San Antonio for military Training. He said to me that he thought it was crazy that for 9 years he's prepared to become a surgeon and the first few weeks of training is learning how to shoot an M16. Hopefully when deployed this will keep him safe. But he has been gone for 5 weeks now and 3 more to go :)

The girls started school here Aug. 11. Kind of early to me, but it was good that they could start so they could meet some friends. (Now only if I could figure out how to get pictures off my iphone so i could post some of their first day would be great!) They have to wear uniforms down here...Khaki bottoms and white, black or purple polo shirts. At first, not really liking the idea, but after school shopping I'm a big fan. However, the girls aren't really set on it yet. But it sure eliminates the fights I'd have with Brooklyn in the morning as to what to wear.

We have met some wonderful people here and are looking forward to what lies ahead. We think about our friends we have made each time we have made a move, and we have made lifelong friends everywhere. So we are hoping to do so here!!

I will post pics soon!! More to come. (Not 2 months later either)


The Laytons said...

I check your blog!!! :) :)
(I replied to your questions on my blog BTW)

Leanne said...

I check your blog too. That stinks Greg has to be gone so long. Good luck with the home organization. I can't believe they started school so early.

Berrett's said...

im sorry about Baylor!! I remember that sweet pup!! and i'm trying to get caught up too!! i look at your blog so don't stop! how are you liking Louisiana? Well post pics soon. I bet your kids are soo grown up! i miss ohio too. :)